Zoom Art - Woman Standing

Art - Woman Standing


Frédéric Forest, 2020

Woman Standing

Ink on Paper, Framed

12" L  x 14 1/2" H x 7/8" W

About The Artist:

Before artist Frédéric Forest learned to write, he had already discovered his love of drawing. After growing up in the French Alps, his passion for drawing led him to Paris to study design, which then enabled him to travel around Europe to work for numerous luxury brands such as Hermès and Cartier. Eventually settling back in Paris, Frédéric started his own design studio with Clémentine Giaconia.

In his studio in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, Frédéric creates illustrations with his signature use of controlled lines and minimal yet evocative composition. His drawings are subtly composed, rich in beauty and strongly emotive.

Frédéric's work is consistently beautiful amongst his versatile subjects including nature, architecture and still life; however, it is his numerous drawings of women's figures that many find fascinating and complex. Inspired by daily moments (which one might dismiss as mundane), his portrayal of women in various poses, moments and gestures, create extraordinary and subtle beauty. Whether his subjects are sitting, standing, resting or even waiting, 

Frédéric succeeds in creating captivating portraits of women. He tends to keep his figures anonymous, which gives that viewers the freedom to imagine a subject of their choice in the illustrated moments, giving his work a certain relatable intimacy.

Artwork is final sale.