Zoom Belize, Toledo Chocolate Bar
Zoom Belize, Toledo Chocolate Bar

Belize, Toledo Chocolate Bar


This 72% dark chocolate bar immediately delivers a wave of roasted and green flavours, followed by slightly fruity notes with particular hints of citrus. Nuanced floral and dried fruit notes are also detected, creating a rounded and flavoursome tasting experience.

From the Toledo District in southern Belize comes an exceptional cacao. Maya Mountain Cacao is a small co-op that has been working with local Mayan farmers to improve not only the quality of the cacao they farm but also their quality of life. This award-winning bar is wonderfully nuanced and full of floral and dried fruit notes.

Ingredients: organic cocoa, organic cane sugar

Curator's Notes: Dick Taylor sources the finest fairly-traded cacao and performs all the steps in-house to turn the raw ingredients into delicious chocolate, all in their small factory in Eureka, California. This entire process takes approximately three weeks to complete.