Cadine is pleased to present Alison Bane's exhibition of work:

December 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021

Artist Statement

In her work, Alison Bane always returns to maps and topography—specifically how they function as perfect metaphors for our inner worlds, symbols of our journey through life. Her mixed media compositions are varied, storied and layered, utilizing ink, acrylic, chalk, wax and graphite.

Adumbration is an exploration of memory, awareness and growth; how one informs the other; the paths we choose both because of and in spite of each. This collection of routes taken, chance happenings and decisions made coalesce into an ephemeral lay out of our lives only truly visible in hindsight. The lowlands, the highlands, the ever-changing yet familiar landscape we navigate internally and on our own.

By definition, an adumbration is a brief or sketchy representation. With this in mind, Bane responds to gestural marks, creating tension through the balance of chance and choice, random and planned.⁠ The layering of elements speaks to the arc of time and how we navigate life, oscillating between intuition and intention, moments of chance and response without ever truly having control. Through personal reflection, we develop an understanding of ourselves by observing the courses we’ve charted. But, much like a conventional map contains much more information than just the roads taken, Bane proposes that the spaces defined by these paths are just as integral to our personal geography as we traverse both the familiar and the unknown.


Artist Bio

Artist + Interior Designer Alison Bane grew up in Southern Alberta and later received her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She currently lives and works between Vancouver and Victoria BC spreading her time between Art, Interior + Product Design.

Throughout her creative career, her focus has centred on the notion of mapping, topography as related to concepts of one’s personal, psychological terrain; the belief that within each of us there are vast terrains known only to us. Bane creates pieces in one locale – which the viewer may never see, however they may become vaguely aware of these beginnings through hints and forms that speak to the initial movements, offering a richness of history.

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