Our Story


Cadine is a lifestyle brand creating sophisticated and timeless pieces for you and your home. Consideration is given to every item's artisanship, materiality and lasting value. We partner with people we believe in, that make the world a better place.




Cadine is a multidisciplinary brand and also a way of life. When we think about our most treasured pieces in the wardrobe or home, the ones revisited again and again, they are more often than not made of natural materials steeped in long-standing craftsmanship. They withstand time, increase in sentimental significance and seem to get better with age. These are the forever favourites with compelling stories we strive to design and curate. Our house brand consists of comforting staples for your everyday that are aesthetically pure and crafted to last a lifetime.


The journey into shaping Cadine began several years prior when we delved into developing our house brand. Our intrinsic belief that understanding the culture, origin of materials, and meticulous time-honoured traditions of the artisans and floriculturists results in the most lasting and beloved objects. Our hands-on approach to design has brought us around the globe where we would eventually connect with like-minded individuals and companies who share in our brand values. Meaningful connections and collaboration has allowed the brand to create a multidisciplinary range of products while keeping a unified aesthetic. Cadine house brand offerings include: Made in Canada, Made in USA, Made in Italy and more.


Born from a deep-rooted love of celebrating beauty and entertaining, it has always been our pursuit to excite and stimulate people through our personal storytelling by utilizing the sum of our designs, visual merchandising, curated music, and fragrances. Like welcoming guests into our home, we invite shoppers to explore fresh botanicals from our floral department, art, books, leather goods, home decor, clothing, and fine jewellery. Cadine is an experience unique to us, with the intent of leaving customers inspired by our lifestyle through all their senses.


Based in the Southlands neighbourhood of Vancouver, Cadine’s studio is housed in a restored 1920’s farmhouse. Nestled in a sprawling garden full of lush greenery and our private nursery, the creative retreat is a source of grounding and inspiration.