Air Under Water

Cadine is pleased to present
Klee Larsen's exhibition of work:
February 1, 2023 - April 31, 2023

Artist Biography

Klee Larsen is a Vancouver-based visual artist who uses the horizon lines in nature as her inspiration. She attended school for photography in 2007 at Focal Point School in Vancouver. Born into a family of artists, creating and making messes was a part of her everyday life as a child on Salt Spring Island. Both her parents are established painters, and her sister is a celebrated ceramic artist. 

Klee loves to combine old and new technologies by using film and then digitizing the image. Working with film gives Klee her favourite result; grain from high-speed film and being able to work with large negatives. Painting and silver leafing have become an integral part of her practice. Larsen’s most recent work has her using multiple layers of silver leaf and resin to create depth under the printed photograph. Her images are printed on mylar paper to give a translucent look to the print, which is then sealed with resin and finished with cold wax for a matte surface.  

Artist Statement

The pictures captured for this current show at Cadine are from Iona Beach Regional Park in Richmond, Jericho Beach and along the ferry routes to the Gulf Islands. Klee's inspiration for this body of work comes from the natural phenomenon of gas bubbles forming in frozen bodies of water. The motivation around this work is to create images that intrigue her audience through the process inspired by the beautiful ice bubbles. By juxtaposing classic techniques with the subject matter, Larsen's works help invoke memory and experience for the viewer. 

Join us on Saturday, April 1st from 4pm to 6pm for the Opening Event. RSVP here.