Bardo Songs

Cadine is pleased to present
Nancy Boyd's exhibition of work:
November 1, 2022 - January 31, 2023

Artist Statement
Nancy is drawn to the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy that maintains nothing is ever finished, perfect or constant. She is attracted to the tension between the organic and the ordered, the wild and the measured. Her pieces are a material expression of her curiousity, her willingness to experiment, her acceptance of all things fugitive and her endless wonder at forces in the universe that manifest as form. 

Nancy’s titles reflect her interest in quantum forces and the impermanence of everything. Bardo is a term from Tibetan mythology referring to an in-between state, such as after a death or illness, when the soul is untethered, perhaps a little like we all felt during the pandemic. Qubit is a term describing a quantum unit of information. Contingent refers to the conditional and dependent nature of moments and molecules.  

Artist Biography
Nancy has a background in design, illustration, architectural rendering and art education, teaching at Capilano University for 23 years.  While these influences account for some of the formal and graphic aspects of her work, over time she has become increasingly interested in the intersections between art and science and particularly the mutability and conditional nature of all things and processes: how can the apparently random ideas, images and methods in a piece lead to a particular arrangement of matter, a ‘finished’ piece of artwork for example. While layering and texturing a surface, Nancy is alert to an underlying current of life’s existential questions:  why this, why now and what does it mean. She is always looking to disrupt ways of seeing and to create fresh moments of wonder and curiosity.

Join us on Saturday, November 5th from 4pm to 6pm for the Opening Event. RSVP here.