Changemaker's Market

The Changemaker’s Market is a digital community of over 200 movers and makers who have generously donated their goods and services to an online auction benefiting the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

Together, we are celebrating women-led businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists, including cis women, trans folks, non-binary folks, and those across the gender spectrum from all areas of BC.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had detrimental impacts on small businesses and our economy. While no one is untouched by the impacts of the pandemic, women across the province have been disproportionately affected; losing more jobs, taking on more caregiving responsibilities and being at higher risk of exposure and infection from COVID-19 due to the gender nature of frontline work.

We #ChooseToChallenge the gender inequities experienced by women in business by raising awareness of the impact this has had on women’s health. Women are community creators, and their success is vital for a vibrant and thriving community as we move forward. 

From March 14 to 21, bid, support, raise awareness, and create change. Click here to learn more.