Strength and Guidance

Cadine is pleased to present
Chelsey Hornsby's exhibition of work: 
September 1, 2021 - February 28, 2022


Artist Statement

In this collection, Chelsey represent one’s ability to move through life with the capacity to endure and resolve difficulty. Life is challenging and how we navigate along our path is important. We are all capable of moving forward, to do good using strength and guidance. Your strength can be soft and can move you little by little. Or, it can be jarring, pushing you fast and hard. Your guidance can be quiet and serene or loud and joyous. These paintings are a visual representation of how your journey using strength and guidance can be promising, difficult, beautiful and simple all at the same time.


Artist Biography

Chelsey Hornsby is a self-taught Canadian abstract painter. Her background in interior design informs her art and painting process. She consciously integrates elements like colour, form, balance, shape and scale into her pieces. Her brush strokes, long marks, negative space and attention to scale and detail play an important role in each painting. Her goal is to consider all these elements on the canvas as a whole, striving for a conceptually stimulating and honest piece of artwork.

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