Zoom Tatine Candle Forest Floor Candle
Zoom Tatine Candle Forest Floor Candle
Zoom Tatine Candle Forest Floor Candle

Forest Floor Candle


Designed to bring inspiring olfactory sensations to life with intention, this natural wax candle in artisan mouth-blown smoke grey glass is unique unto itself, imbued with the spirit of the maker. An earth perfume with mushroom nuances, mists of rain soaked ferns, and the earthen smell of dark green moss covering the cool, damp dirt of the forest floor. A dreamlike atmosphere emulating the forest and all its beauty. Matchsticks included.

Small Black Wax Candle: 16 hours burn time. Produced with natural vegetable soy wax tinted black with vegetable oils that are both PROP 65 and REACH compliant.

Large White Wax: 50 hours burn time.

The packaging for this collection is made from 100% post-consumer materials, richly textured and beautifully repurposed. Every parcel is unique and variations in the paper are a testament to its natural character. The scent of each candle leaves it's mark on the packaging and can be slipped in a drawer to emit a delicate fragrance.

Like the evolution of a memory retained, the glass candle vessel exists beyond its initial lifetime. Tested to be drink-safe, gently hand wash glass for use at your next celebration and let it live uniquely on.